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Georgia firm exclusively representing landlords handles various matters

Running an apartment building or other type of residential rental property presents numerous challenges, both expected and unexpected. Often, knowledgeable legal counsel is necessary to operate the property efficiently and maximize the return on your investment. Fowler, Hein, Cheatwood & Williams, P.A. is a boutique Atlanta law firm known as a regional authority in landlord-tenant law. For more than 30 years, we have given landlords the ability to overcome legal obstacles and optimize the value of each housing unit.

Thorough advocates advise on lease issues, evictions and code compliance

As an accomplished firm that only represents landlords, we offer valuable assistance with critical issues such as:

  • Eviction matters — Referred to as “dispossessory proceedings” in Georgia law, tenant evictions must be handled with care so that owners of residential properties can retake possession of apartments and houses after a lease is broken or expires. Specific rules govern these actions and using prohibited “self-help” methods, such as turning off utilities, can lead to penalties.
  • Maintaining property integrity and profitability — Leasing an apartment to a tenant means that they can have a significant impact on an asset that belongs to you. To protect yourself, it is critical to outline clear terms regarding the condition of a unit, use of common areas, permission to keep pets and other concerns that have an effect on the integrity and profitability of your property. Our attorneys offer insight on methods to establish and maintain successful apartment communities.
  • Compliance with pertinent regulations — Changing standards on fire safety and environmental hazards can put those who own or manage residential properties at risk. By keeping clients apprised of complex codes, we enable them to take proactive measures to prevent sanctions and needless actions. If you have been accused of violating regulations governing multifamily dwellings, our firm reviews the circumstances and develops a strategy to achieve the best possible result.

Throughout Georgia and in other jurisdictions, we represent companies with extensive rental property holdings and individuals who lease single units. Whatever type of residence or concern you have, our firm has the legal and practical knowledge to protect your interests.

Atlanta landlord defense attorneys handle FHA actions and other disputes

Disputes that arise between landlords and tenants drain resources that could better be used elsewhere and prevent property owners from maximizing the value they receive from their investment. Our assertive litigators stand up for the rights of landlords in all types of cases, including premises liability actions and housing discrimination defense matters brought under the Fair Housing Act and other anti-bias provisions. Our history handling these types of claims enables clients to make smart decisions about how to proceed so that potential problems are dealt with promptly and efficiently.

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Fowler, Hein, Cheatwood & Williams, P.A. represents Georgia landlords in a full range of matters relating to tenant issues, including evictions, lease disputes and allegations of illegal discrimination. For a free initial consultation at our Atlanta office, please call 404-633-5114 or contact us online.    

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